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Partner offers in
your products

  • Grow your MAU up to +50%
  • Grow your DAU up to +120%
  • Grow your retention rate up to +30%
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Working with partners is as easy as posting to Instagram

  • Plug in new partners 6 times faster than today
  • Reduce your team’s workload by up to 40%
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Let your clients benefit from ordering services with you

  • Restaurants, taxi, concerts, and other services
  • Program turnover growth up to +30%
  • 2000+ offers from unique partners

A platform for "SuperApps"

Overizon is a tool for launching and managing modern partner programs.

We’re focused on solutions for large businesses like Banks, Neobanks, Telecoms, Airlines.

  1. Use Overizon to launch partner programs from scratch, or continue working with your existing partner base.
  2. Overizon can become a special partner section inside your app, or a separate partner app.
  3. A ready-to-use customisable partner widget by Overizon reduces development time and expenses by 20–90%.

Challenges you’re probably familiar with

Doing a partner program does not always go as smoothly as planned:

  • Your mobile app doesn’t bring enough value to your clients for them to use it on a regular basis.
    Low LTV
  • Plenty of manual work like filling in partner details, managing offers, regular reconciliations, etc.
    Many errors
  • Growing a program and plugging in new partners requires qualified IT staff.
    Unnecessary staff expenses
  • Client complaints take a long time to resolve with a partner.
    Reputational risks

What should a successful partner program look like?

  • Stand out from competition and grow quickly while launching new offers and methods.
  • Exceed expectations when it comes to partners, terms, and user experience.
  • Have a unified streamlined interface to manager offers of all partners and aggregators.
  • Let you set up commission and manage program profitability easily.

3 good news for your clients

  • Unique partners and unique offers.
  • Booking a table, choosing a ticket, ordering a service is made inside your app without switching to third-party resources.
  • The fastest cashback and the best deals. Asterisk
Asterisk Without fine print

3 major advantages for you

  • Routine processes and program management are automated in a single interface.
  • We negotiate joint campaigns and exclusive terms with partners for you.
  • We take over paperwork, technical questions, and resolving disputes with partners.

Popular serviсes and offers

Brands, restaurants, taxi, e-commerce, online education, movies, music, books, and many other services.

We’ve helped:

Set up a single interface to manage 5 aggregators

Connect 900 partner offers to a program

Grow turnover by
68 000 monthly transactions

Examples of offers and mechanics

Example 1
Taxi Emoji

Cashback on taxi rides

Frequently used offer.
Develops a habit to order services using your app.
Increases LTV and app usage frequency.

Example 2
Microphone Emoji

Cashback on tickets

An offer that simplifies the many-step process of buying a ticket. Provides seamless user experience of getting a ticket inside your app.

Example 3
Checken Leg Emoji

Good deals on restaurants

Hundreds of offers that are easy to find and filter.

Helps your clients find what they are looking for and order right away cheaper than anywhere else.

Example 4
Fire Emoji

Hot deals

We negotiate special terms for your clients with a partner.

Great opportunity for a special newsletter and maintaining interest in your program.

Work less and be unique

Program management interface is an all-inclusive customised tool to work with partners, offers, and claims.

  1. One interface to manage all the offers from all of your partners and aggregators.
  2. Modify terms and commission, edit offers, and set up promo campaigns easily in a single place.
  3. Includes a customer service and support add-on.
  4. Supports analytical reports.
Laptop with admin panel

Let’s talk

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  1. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours to schedule a demo or a workshop.
  2. We’ll share the latest trends and know-hows about what works and what isn’t worth your time, discuss your goals and find the right solution together.
  3. We’ll integrate the services you need, grant you access to the partner platform, and provide 24/7 technical support.